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Ron Taylor, Criminal Defense Attorney

Ron Taylor grew up in California watching his father, an investigative reporter, research and write news stories for the L.A. Times.  As a reporter, he had to know all the relevant facts, or he couldn’t write the whole story, and wouldn’t be doing his job.  Ron learned how to be persistent and how to dig to get all the facts. He learned how to put things together to tell a good persuasive story.  Through these valuable lessons, Ron has the type of skills developed over years of practice to provide an exceptional defense for clients.  The right story to take to a prosecutor is the key to a good defense strategy, and that story only comes from early preparation and review of the facts and evidence available. 

There is an old saying attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, speak softly, and carry a big stick. So what does that mean in a criminal defense case?  The stick comes from the facts and careful preparation.  Speaking softly means you convey the strength of your defense in a confident manner that is convincing.  Ron has earned a reputation for being tough, thorough, prepared, and most of all, direct and respectful.

Ron has been a trial lawyer in Denver since 1986 and has represented clients in criminal matters since 2003 in both Colorado state court and the federal district court for Colorado.  Representative cases include (1) a mother charged with attempted first-degree murder of her young children, (2) a father wrongly charged with child abuse based on reports by the child’s mother, (3) a client charged with possession with intent to distribute approximately 20 kilos of cocaine, (4) a client charged with felony DUI, and (5) a client charged with felony sexual assault based on allegations by the mother of his child. Prior to practicing criminal law, Ron clerked for a federal magistrate judge in Los Angeles, California.  During his clerkship he wrote draft opinions, spent one on one time with the Magistrate learning to analyze legal issues and write legal opinions.

Ron is fluent in Spanish, catering specifically to Spanish-speaking clientele with his adept communication skills and cultural understanding. His fluency in Spanish enables him to bridge language gaps effectively, offering a tailored experience for his diverse clientele.

When you hire Ron to defend you, you get an attorney who will personally dig through every fact, no matter how minor it may seem initially, and will always be prepared from day one.  Early in cases, he spends long hours reviewing police body camera footage, reading witness statements, and brainstorming the best defense to present to a prosecutor.   Prosecutors respect well prepared defense counsel, and that respect is key to the best criminal defense possible.  Every client deserves this kind of representation, and this is the dedicated defense work you will get, no matter the level of the charges, when you hire Ron to represent you.

University California, Davis:  B.S. in Psychology
University of Colorado, Boulder:  Flemming Hall School of Law
Loyola University School of Law:  Visiting Student, Los Angeles

Colorado Bar Association

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