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Ashley Whitham, Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges it can be overwhelming and stressful.  Having an attorney who is experienced and in your corner is important to help you through the process. Ashley has devoted her career to helping those being pursued by the criminal justice system.

Ashley was a Public Defender for over four years.  While a Public Defender she quickly earned the reputation of being a tough opponent and a strong advocate for her clients.  She handled over 1200 cases which have ranged from a simple traffic ticket to homicides and everything in between.    

Ashley has now been practicing criminal defense for over twelve years where she continues to fight zealously for her clients.  She has taken over 100 cases to a jury trial.  Ashley has gotten not guilty verdicts in homicide cases, sex assault cases, assaults, thefts, DUIs, domestic violence cases and many others.  Ashley is not afraid to take a case to trial, but she also understands the importance of fighting for you ahead of trial in the hopes of yielding a positive result.

Ashley has also taught Constitutional Law at the college level where she hopes she has instilled her passion and fight in others. 

When you hire Ashley as your criminal defense lawyer you will be getting someone who is very experienced, knows the law and how to work through your case.  You also get someone who will fight for you and be your voice.  She understands the impact a criminal case can have on you and that not everything is as it appears in a police report.

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